The Future of Cal Poly Housing

Top view of buildings A-I: Proposed new construction. Top view of shaded buildings: Existing Red Brick Residence Halls proposed for renovation.  

Housing Expansion and Improvements

This summer, Cal Poly will embark on a 10-year program to expand and improve campus housing to enhance the residential student experience and promote student success.   

The University’s Future Housing Program will add 3,000-4,000 beds to campus housing and incorporate major renovations to University Housing’s six red brick residence halls in multiple phases of construction. It will ease existing demand, accommodate future enrollment growth, and address aging campus housing facilities.  

When new construction is complete, University Housing will be able to accommodate all second-year students on campus, connecting them to the community at large, including support resources and services to better support their retention and academic progress.  

The CSU Housing Proposal Review Committee approved the Housing Future Plan in 2023. The full Future Housing Program Concept will be submitted to the CSU Board of Trustees for approval at its July 2024 meeting. The total cost of the program is greater than $1 billion and is funded through state bond revenue, repaid by student housing fees.    

Semi-Suite Style Living 

The new residence halls are proposed as modular construction, supporting the goals of quality and affordability for students.

  • Each building will feature semi-suite style living with an expanded residential student experience.
  • Campus plans to include elevators, air conditioning, and universally accessible spaces.
  • Careful consideration has been given to optimize outdoor space, address circulation, and harmonize with the topography and surrounding landscape. 

Location, Parking Impacts and Options

The new buildings are planned for the current site of the parking lots behind the red brick residence halls and the North Mountain Halls. Both sites are ideal for new construction, as they are close to existing infrastructure. 

Program Phasing

Housing will remain open during construction with no loss in bed spaces.

  • Construction on new housing is scheduled to begin in fall 2024 with the first phase opening in fall 2026 and subsequent phases opening every year thereafter, with the final phase of new construction completing in 2030.
  •  Renovations will begin after the first phases of new construction have opened.  
  • For more information, visit the Facilities Management and Development website.

Housing Grants

 In 2018, University Housing established a housing grant program to support students with the greatest financial need with their housing fees. Since inception, the grant fund has grown from $890,000 to $3.6 million.  One million dollars is planned to be added to the grant annually to continue to support low-income students living on campus. 

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