Move-out Information

Updated: June 6, 2024

Spring Move-out Guide

Housing closes at 5 p.m, Sunday, June 16. Move-out 24 hours after your last final project or exam. Moving bins are available starting June 6 in or near each community.

Follow our Mustang Move-out map for loading zone and parking information.

Please follow all of these steps to avoid fees for improper check-out, lost/missing key/access cards and damages. We don't want you to be met with fees on your Student Account on MyCalPoly. Fees post in August. 

Step 1: Start packing early

Gather and pack items you don’t need now to avoid overwhelm and help things go quicker on moving day. Remember to take your bike. Bikes left on campus during summer will be impounded.

Step 2: Clean and take pictures 

Remove all belongings, donate unwanted items, empty trash/recycling, and clean. Take a photo of your room when you're done — you'll need this later.

  • Trash and recycling must be emptied into the bins outside of your buildings — you don't have to wash them out. Don't leave trash in the hallway, rooms, or common areas. Follow the county’s recycling guide on what’s recyclable and what’s not.
  • Wipe down your furniture, window sills, fridge and microwave. Don't forget to wipe out the inside of your drawers, too!
  • Sweep or vacuum all floors. Vacuums are available in all areas (in each apartment, community closets, or at your front desk).
  • Remove all tape, stickers and residue from hard surfaces. 
  • Return all furniture to standard room layouts following signage posted in your community and listed below. Furniture should not block windows or closets. Fridges should be on the floor and plugged into the wall.
  • Thoroughly check your space for all your belongings before you leave. All items left behind will be donated.

Step 3: Submit your forms

Before you turn in your keys and leave campus, submit both a Room Condition Form and an Express Check out in your Housing Portal. Upload your photo(s) at the Express Check out step. 

Don’t wait to do your forms on the drive home or at the airport. Once we process your keys — which we do speedily — the forms are not available to you. And if the forms are not in or the steps are not completed in order, there’s a $25 improper check out fee. 

Step 4: Return your keys

Put your keys in an Express Check-out key envelope and drop the envelope in an Express Check-out Key Box located in all residence hall lobbies, the Pacheco and Canyon Posts, and Housing Admin. (Bldg. 31). We can’t accept keys by mail as we inventory keys immediately after move-out to prep for summer move-in.  

  • Housing Admin Building (31)
  • Canyon Post in Poly Canyon Village
  • Cerro Vista Community Center by the Front Desk
  • Yosemite Community Center Lobby
  • Sierra Madre Community Center Lobby
  • Lobby of each Red Brick Building (to the right of the main entrance)
  • Lobby of each residential building in yakʔitʸutʸu, at the Community Center and in Pacheco Post. 

Room Configurations

Before you head out, be sure to move your bedroom back to its original configuration. Use the layouts below as a guide. When you reset your room, the furniture should not block doors, windows or closets. Mini-fridges should be left on the floor (not the furniture) and be plugged directly into the wall (not the surge protector).

Storage Options

Cal Poly offers convenient and secure summer storage to take the hassle out of moving your belongings. Pack up your belongings and drop them off at your designated pick location. We’ll keep them safe over the summer and your belongings will be delivered to your space in time for move-in. 

You can also reach out to local storage companies to inquire about their summer storage options. Here's a map of local storage options

Donate. Reuse. Recycle.

During a past move-out, we sent 47.7 tons of material to the landfill. We can do better! Help us keep things out of the landfill by recycling, reusing, and donating.

Make our collective efforts count! Sort your items into the correct bins. Trash in recycling contaminates everything in the recycling bin and causes it to go to the landfill.

Acceptable items Where Are the donation locations?

Clothing & Household items

(For CP Thrift & Goodwill)

Clean clothing, home goods, kitchen items, school supplies, and electronics. Clean bedding is accepted, but no mattress toppers. 

Poly Canyon Village

  • Vista Caballo Drive
  • Upper Canyon Circle
  • Near the Aliso archway

Cerro Vista Apartments

  • Upper circle
  • At metered parking areas near the Community Center


  • Near the Welcome Center and Pacheco Post
  • Between elewexe & tiłhini
  • Next to tšɨłkukunɨtš, near Grand and Slack

South Mountain

  • Behind all buildings at exit near outside dumpsters 

North Mountain

  • Lawn between Diablo & Lassen 

Sierra Madre/Yosemite

  • Basketball court
  • Behind Sierra Madre Towers 1 and 3 



Non-perishable food
(For Cal Poly Food Pantry)

Food with a long shelf life: canned and jarred foods, pasta, soups, and packaged snacks.

  • PCV — All buildlings near an entrance
  • Cerro Vista front desk 
  • Cerro Vista — Between Bishop & Romauldo
  • Cerro Vista — Islay
  • Building 31 front desk 
  • Red Bricks – All building lobbies 
  • Sierra Madre & Yosemite - front desk 
  • yakʔitʸutʸu – All building lobbies 

(For local recycling facility)

Paper, cardboard, plastics, metal and glass.

Blue recycling bins in your trash enclosures

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