Get Involved with University Housing!

Whether you are a student looking to lead where you live, staff wanting to volunteer, or faculty wanting to host an event, there are many ways to partner with us:

Opportunities for Students:

Join IHC: Join Inter Housing Council (IHC) - the group that lives in our halls to advocate for the student voice. Plan fun events, advocate for student needs and make change right where you live. Applications are open during spring qtr for the following year.

Paid Positions: We employ many students as Resident Advisors, Desk Assistants, Grad Assistants and more. Check out our employment opportunities page to find out when and where to apply.

Opportunities for Faculty/Staff:

Become a Faculty in Residence (FIR):
FIR are live-in faculty that help to bridge academic and residential life for residents. FIR have an open opportunity to create programs that they think their residents will enjoy including informal dinners, office hours, special events, tours, and service projects. FIR recruitment opportunities will be posted here when available. 

Work with a Residential Learning Community:
Faculty and Staff that work directly with a Residential Learning Community can connect students living in housing with their department on campus. This includes advertising events from your department, collaborating on helping students in the community, having office hours in housing, hosting a review session in the community etc.   

Host an event in housing:
Want to meet your students where they're at by offering learning opportunities right where students live? Partnering with us is a great way to bridge the learning experience between where students live and where they learn. 

Please email us if you are interested in any of the above opportunities.

Mustang Welcome Team:
Every year in Sept. we move in about 8,800 residents in the span of a week and it's an all-hands-on-deck event which is made possible by many volunteers. Keep an eye out in your email or the Cal Poly Report in August so you can sign-up tp help direct visitors, push carts and welcome new Mustangs to campus.

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