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Jo Campbell, Director of University Housing


A message from Jo Campbell, Executive Director of University Housing

On behalf of the University Housing team, I would like to extend you a warm Cal Poly welcome!  No matter where you live on campus, you are going to learn a lot, meet all sorts of different people (including some who will become lifelong friends), and engage in a culture that values diversity and inclusion. Of course, you will also have lots of opportunities to get involved in your residence hall, your classes, and more than 300 student clubs and organizations.

Our team members are rooting for your success here at Cal Poly and beyond. University Housing has over 600 staff leaders—including our professional live-in CSDs (Coordinators of Student Development) and RAs (student Resident Advisors), our dedicated custodial staff, many technical and administrative staff, and an elected student Inter Housing Council. We’re all here to support you as you Learn by Living at Cal Poly. Hopefully, you enjoy your time as a campus resident as much as I did. I loved it so much, it became my life’s work.

We offer a safe, inclusive and welcoming community to support your academic goals and personal development. While you’re here, you’ll have many chances to create lasting connections, but you have to take advantage of them. Attend a floor meeting, get to know your roommates and neighbors, try a new activity, go to a sporting event, join a club or get involved in the Community Council in your building. We hope you will embrace the new experiences, people, ideas, and even the challenges as you make this your new home. 

When you see me on campus or at an event, stop by, introduce yourself and tell me how we’re doing this year. Remember, we’re here because you’re here! Good luck and welcome to the Cal Poly family!

Jo Campbell, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Executive Director of University Housing

CSU Mandates

Pursuant to California Education Code 66014.6, CSU campuses that provide campus-owned, campus-operated, or campus-affiliated student housing are required to post information about enrollment, available bed spaces and demand. You can view this information for our campus here

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